Skygazers is a symphonic power metal band from Tampere, Finland. Formed by guitarist Joni Jokinen in 2018, with ambition to deliver songs that are both melodic and technical. Joni asked Heidi Valkama to perform vocal duties. In the fall 2018 keyboardist Henri Vekuna joined the band.

The self-released debut album "Call of Eternity" was released on January 22nd, 2020. In March Skygazers parted ways with vocalist Heidi Valkama and new bassist Sasu joined the band. Sasu also plays bass in StormRaiser. Jarno Kaasalainen joined Skygazers as a drummer.


  • Joni Jokinen — guitars
  • Henri Vekuna — keyboards
  • Sasu — bass
  • Jarno Kaasalainen — drums


  • Heidi Valkama — vocals


"Call of Eternity" album recordings

Promotional pictures